Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Details January Updates, 2023 Roadmap

    Dark Falz Aegis descends in early 2023.

    SEGA hosted a new episode of NGS Headline, revealing new updates arriving in January 2023 for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. The latest holiday events come to a close, and SEGA prepares for another successful year in the online action RPG.

    New Year’s Day Update

    SEGA kicks of its slate of January 2023 updates for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis on January 1. Central City will be decorated to celebrate winter and new year festivities. Xiandy, the event vendor, will be dressed in Japanese-style New Year’s attire for the occasion. Players may collect and exchange Seasonal Points for various items and rewards following the update’s launch. Additionally, Nord Rappies and Emperappies will now roam the field. Defeating marked Dread enemies may activate a Rappy Spot, which draws in these elusive winter Rappies.

    Two new Special AC Scratch Tickets will be available on New Year’s Day as well. The Remix Line AC Scratch Ticket features previously distributed outfits with new, customized designs. Reminiscence Collection 3 features re-released Motion Changing items, hairstyles, and other popular cosmetics. Both tickets include popular Avatar Items and the Augment Capsule Mastery IV S as a Scratch Ticket bonus.

    Winter Event Continues on January 11

    Winter continues in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis with the January 11 update. Xiemi returns as an event vendor with a long sleeve knit dress. Once more, players may collect and exchange Seasonal Points for rewards during the event. The Tenebrous Almati weapon camo will be available through an unlockable title. Ordinal Tower Rank 7 Solo and Party ARKS Records will be available from January 11 to 18.

    The January 11 update also brings new Field Races for ARKS operatives to take part in. The new North Aelio Board (Stage 1) and North Retem Board (Stage 2) courses will be available. Further, the update introduces the limited-time quest Practice Drill: Sandstorm Windup. The 8-player urgent quest takes place in the rocky desert of South Retem. To close out the January 11 update, two new Scratch Tickets will be made available. The Quaint Ensemble ’23 AC Scratch Ticket and Refined Form 10 SG Scratch Tickets bring New Year’s and Japanese-style flair to the game.

    Late January Updates

    The January 25 update brings a new Combat Sector: Neusen Plant. The new boss enemy, Quartz Skodin, appears as a formidable threat. Players who defeat the boss gain the Curio Dragon Slayer weapon camo. The Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth will be updated for an easier experience, and difficulty may be easily adjusted. Trigger Quest versions of the Stia region’s urgent quests will also become available.

    Players can expect a new mini-episode depicting the aftermath of the combat in the Stia region with a focus on Glen and Kanui. In addition, 7-star and 8-star equipment may be enhanced up to Enhancement Level 60. More quality of life improvements and features will be implemented with the January 25 update as well. Like the January 11 update, two more Scratch Tickets will be introduced. The sci-fi Cosmic Convict and Sweet Memories Revival AC Scratch Tickets will be available starting January 25.

    Important Specification Changes Regarding Blocks

    Players are having a hard time finding each other in Blocks due to the introduction of expanded Blocks and increase in regions. To address this problem, a systematic change is coming in the late-January update to generate and add new Blocks based on region congestion. The number of Blocks available after each maintenance will be reduced compared to the current amount present in the game.

    When a region becomes congested, a new Block will automatically be added. Less populated Blocks will be excluded as potential destinations for Block Transfers at Ryuker Devices. If a player starts to matchmake in a Block that is excluded for Block Transfers, the player will be automatically transferred to a more populated Block. The number of Blocks will be reset following each maintenance.

    First Half of 2023 Roadmap

    SEGA revealed a Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis roadmap for the first half of 2023, which outlines future events and updates. In February 2023, players can expect a “Colossal boss suppression” urgent quest, two types of limited-time quests, special versions of Exploration Sectors, and a collaboration Scratch Ticket. Two more limited-time quests arrive in spring 2023, and a new rank will be added to the Geometric Labyrinth.

    In April and May 2023, the new Gunblade weapon category will be added with its respective class. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis will receive special 2nd anniversary updates and events as well. Chapter 5 of the main story will be available alongside a new anniversary urgent quest. In June 2023, SEGA finally implements the Creative Space feature. The level cap will be increased to 75, and additionally class skills will be added.

    Catch up on the latest episode of NGS Headline below:

    Lastly, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S worldwide.

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