Genshin Impact: Why the Sumeru Story is the Best Yet

    A captivating story gives way for an exciting future.

    The Traveler and Paimon’s journey through the world of Teyvat reached its highest point yet in Sumeru, a storied land of knowledge and wisdom in Genshin Impact. Before traveling to Sumeru, players pieced together clues left behind from Khaenri’ah and stopped some of the Fatui’s most dastardly plans in Liyue and Inazuma. However, Genshin Impact would only dabble slightly into the past of the Traveler and their missing sibling these past two years. For a while, the story took a safe and simple approach while still contributing to worldbuilding that would eventually become crucial. The build-up paid off immensely in Sumeru with the best story content Genshin Impact has received yet. Many contributing factors lead to Genshin Impact’s most successful batch of updates thus far, and what’s to come may surprise long-time players once more.

    Spoiler alert: Players should complete the latest story content as of version 3.3, which involves the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter featuring the Wanderer, before reading any further. Slight spoilers regarding the main story will be discussed.

    A Captivating Dendro Archon

    Nahida, the Dendro Archon, is a major highlight of the Sumeru story with her own stakes and involvement. The God of Wisdom lives up to her name despite her childlike stature, proving herself to be a valuable figure going forward. Unlike the Anemo, Geo, and Electro Archons, Nahida has a more personal connection to her region’s people and the Traveler. The story emphasizes this connection in some of its most important moments. Further, the Dendro Archon is knowledgeable about Teyvat’s broad history and actually willing to share eye-opening discoveries with the Traveler. Nahida is crucial to advancing the story of Genshin Impact while opening up newfound possibilities for years to come. Nahida’s performance as an Archon cannot be understated due to its potential ramifications involving the entire world of Teyvat.

    The True Nature of the Fatui Becomes More Clear

    For two years, HoYoverse have built up the Fatui as a shady, ruthless organization with eyes across the entire world. Fatui Harbingers are the strongest members of the Snezhnayan faction, but many mysteries surrounding the group remained hidden following the defeat of La Signora in Inazuma. The Fatui are a constant threat, so it was finally time for HoYoverse to reveal the true extent of their power. The Sumeru story delivers in spades by introducing some of the Fatui’s highest ranking members, a glimpse into their ultimate goal, and information regarding the structure of the organization. Addressing the mysteries of the Fatui has made them into an even more danger to the world than originally anticipated.

    Sumeru Establishes a Prominent Antagonist

    The Fatui are a major threat, but Genshin Impact lacked a central antagonist for quite some time. The Traveler faced many adversaries including Childe and La Signora, but these battles would end rather decisively. Enter Il Dottore (The Doctor), the second highest ranking member of the Fatui. Dottore is in a class of his own with powers rivaling that of gods, and his actions have made him into an intriguing and sinister villain. Sumeru’s story establishes The Doctor as a recurring antagonist that even Nahida could not face on even ground. Going forward, The Doctor and his forces will put Teyvat through some serious turmoil.

    The Protagonist Gains New Life

    Although the Traveler is an avatar of sorts, the Sumeru story introduces more voiced dialogue for the protagonist. Hearing the Traveler’s thoughts on Sumeru and pressing circumstances adds a new dynamic to the story that wasn’t there in prior updates. The Traveler and Paimon’s dialogue is more lively, adding more food for thought with each discovery and conversation. Nahida’s connection with the Traveler becomes more apparent when the two interact as well. The same can be said for the Traveler’s relationship with the Wanderer, who will likely play an important role going forward in the struggle against the Fatui.

    Incredible Worldbuilding

    The events of the Sumeru story are mostly contained within the region, but the outcome has a profound effect on the entire world. The existence of Irminsul adds a whole new element to consider when discussing the history of Teyvat, and the potential for its alteration opens up many possibilities. Nahida’s discussion surrounding the Fatui, the Descenders, and the Hydro Archon provides further glimpses into what’s to come when Fontaine is available in the next region update. The Wanderer’s role, as briefly touched upon, appears to be a constant element going forward in the main story.

    Genshin Impact is in its best state yet following the release of versions 3.0 through 3.3. The aftermath of the main Sumeru story continues with Genshin Impact version 3.4 and beyond, and Fontaine is on the horizon in 2023. Sumeru featured some of HoYoverse’s best writing yet for the game, so this momentum needs to continue in Fontaine. For now, players should revel in the calm before the storm and eagerly anticipate what Genshin Impact will bring next year.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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