Star Ocean: The Divine Force Version 1.03 Update is Available Now

    Multiple bug fixes, adjustments, and optimizations made.

    Square Enix released the version 1.03 update for Star Ocean: The Divine Force with numerous adjustments and bug fixes.

    Patch notes for the Star Ocean: The Divine Force version 1.03 update are available below via Square Enix:

    Version 1.03
    • Retention of equipment and accessories equipped by characters who leave the party
      • It has been changed so that accessories which characters currently have equipped are not removed when they leave the party during story progression.
        • Es’owa decks can still be changed while accessories are equipped.
    • Ability to carry out DUMA scanning while moving (walking or dashing) *Excludes VA and gliding
      • It is now possible to use the DUMA action “Scan” while moving.
    • Adjustments to the frequency that allied characters use healing actions during battle
      • The chances of Nina’s AI using a heal action has been greatly increased.
    • Adjustments to specific battles
      • The trigger conditions for factors such as “XX+YY% while waiting” have been tweaked to include “shift movement”*
        • *Shifting refers to the slow walking movement while maintaining distance from a target unique to AI characters
      • The weaknesses of several enemies such as Sampati, the Holy Bird have been adjusted.
      • Changes have been made so that the Vatting gauge starts from the 90% mark at the beginning of the battle where Vatting is learned.
      • The target lock display has been altered to make it easier to follow.
    • Changes to UI and controls
    • The following lists have been amended so that pages can be cycled using the left and right directions on the D pad.
      • Party screen: Used item list for when setting link combos, battle and active skills list, equipped weapons armor and accessories list.
        • Item screen: Items list
        • Item creation screen: Items list
      • Collection screen: Main story, side stories, enemies, dictionary, spaceships
      • Shop screen: Inventory list, Items to sell list
        • Region names have been enlarged when the map is expanded on the map screen.
        • The time that notices (e.g. messages about items obtained or consumed etc.) are displayed on the left-hand side of the screen has been extended
        • Loop processing for selecting item quantities
    • Bug fixes
      • Partial fixes to the bugs currently occurring.
      • Amendments to mouse sensitivity on the Steam edition.
    • Optimization
      • Optimization of game behavior on the various platforms.

    Lastly, Star Ocean: The Divine Force is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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