Co-op FPS Crime Boss: Rockay City Revealed

    Michael Madsen, Kim Bassinger, Danny Trejo and more feature in this star-studded shooter.

    Publisher 505 Games and developer INGAME STUDIOS (support studio for the Mafia series and Kingdom Come Deliverance) announced their new title Crime Boss: Rockay City at tonight’s The Game Awards 2022. This organized crime, co-op, first-person shooter is set in the seedy underbelly of hot, humid, and dangerous 90’s Florida.

    The game features an ensemble cast of actors portraying its characters, many of which were most iconic during the time period in which the game takes place. Danny Trejo, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Michael Madsen, Michael Rooker, Vanilla Ice, Chuck Norris, Damion Poiter will lend their talents to bringing this grimy world to life. Star of the game, Michael Madsen, took the stage at The Game Awards 2022 tonight to promote the title.

    Here’s publisher 505 Games’ rundown of the game:

    About Crime Boss: Rockay City

    • Crime Boss: Rockay City centres around Travis Baker’s (Michael Madsen’s) attempt to claim the underworld throne of Rockay City through a series of turf wars, robberies and crazy side stories after the demise of the previous crime boss. Carefully pick Baker’s crew based on their skills and expertise and claw your way to the top in a single player campaign or jump into the PVE co-op multiplayer and execute thrilling hits and heists with up to four players. Fail and you leave empty handed, but succeed and you’ll find yourself richly rewarded as the city slowly falls under your control.

    With fewer and fewer “crime” based games being released in the wake of Grand Theft Auto V‘s dominance, Saints Row‘s increasing absurdity and fall from grace, and Sleeping Dogs‘ underperformance, it’s exciting and refreshing to see a title released with this premise. Similar bank heist first-person shooter Payday 2 featured a campaign, though it served more as a tutorial for multiplayer. INGAME STUDIOS on the other hand seems keen on providing a full-fledged tale about the criminal underground. Stay tuned to Final Weapon for more updates on this title!

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