God of War Ragnarok Adds Photo Mode

    Snapping pics of Kratos' and Atreus' realm-hopping road trip has never been easier.

    In a patch released today, God of War Ragnarok received a feature-rich Photo Mode. A mechanic present in many modern titles (including the last God of War game), Photo Mode allows players to stop time during gameplay and freely move the camera and adjust various visual settings before taking screenshots. Photo Mode rose to prominence with the release of the feature in 2014’s inFamous: Second Son. The pairing of this dedicated mode with the PS4’s convenient Share Button meant that captures could easily be saved for later, or quickly uploaded to social media.

    While Photo Mode is a welcome addition to any game, God of War Ragnarok will truly benefit from this patch. Gamers who’ve attempted to capture screenshots during combat will likely have noticed how difficult it is to get a clear photo of the carnage. Ragnarok‘s motion blur looks excellent in the heat of battle but makes for some very messy pictures. Thanks to this update, video game photographers will no longer face this hurdle.

    God of War Ragnarok Photo Mode, Kratos battles a Hunter with the Blades of Chaos

    Photo Mode Options

    A PlayStation Blog post from Santa Monica Studios Lead Community Manager, Grace Orlady, detailed the features of God of War Ragnarok‘s new Photo Mode:

    • Apply various facial expressions to Kratos, Atreus, and other party members
    • Hide selected characters for solo portraits or character-free landscape shots
    • Adjust Field of View, Focal Length, and Camera Roll
    • Adjust Depth of Field, Focus Distance, and F-Stop
    • Add assorted filters
    • Adjust Film Grain, Exposure, Filter Intensity, Vibrance, and Saturation
    • Apply vignettes, borders, and logos

    The blog post ends with a variety of Photo Mode tips from QA Lead Tim Ward on how to best capture excellent photos. The depth of customization here is vast and allows players to make adjustments as simple as camera location and color grading to real-life technical camera features like f-stop. With these options, players ranging from those just sending cool moments to their friends over PSN to dedicated video game photographers should have a good time expressing themselves. Stay tuned to Final Weapon for more updates on God of War Ragnarok!

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