5 Anime That Need Video Games

    Our picks for five anime that need new games ASAP.

    I miss when games were simple when you could just pop a disc into a console and play it instantly. Where licensed games were abundant and when games were great. Even though we get a handful of the licensed game nowadays it pales in comparison to the PS2 era where anything could have a game made about. For goodness’ sake, we had a Charlie Angel game on the GameCube, what a time to be alive. The holy grail of licensed games was, of course, video games based on popular anime. I want to spend today pitching five anime that need to be adapted into video games, pronto!

    Squad Based Action Fun

    Arriving at the bottom of our list today is Black Clover, which is an action Shonen anime that is ripe for a video game adaptation. Just for clarification, there has already been a game about the series called Quartet Knight, but to put it bluntly, it is not very good. The game has a non-canon story and the multiplayer component is dead. I want to see a Black Clover that utilizes the amazing stories and characters of the manga.

    Expand on the 4 man squad mechanic in the original game and make a unique experience. Expand the character roster to include some of the new additions from the manga. You can even fix the online mode and make sure it doesn’t die from neglect. Think about the Attack on Titan games and some character support conversations. Black Clover needs a game to get people ready for the return of the anime coming soon.

    Rip and Tear With Chainsaw Man

    Chainsaw Man Anime Reveals Long-Awaited New Trailer, Release Date

    If you haven’t heard about Chainsaw Man, you have been living under a rock. With over-the-top action, a killer metal soundtrack, and a killer collection of waifus, what’s not to like? To capitalize off this popularity, we need a character action game featuring the characters of Chainsaw Man. Take the bombastic combat of Bayonetta and DMC and translate that to the gore and viscera of Chainsaw Man.

    It could be a simple action game where we could explore the events of manga and maybe get some supplemental content to expand the world. I could see PlatinumGames picking up this title and adding some of their trademark weirdness to a franchise that is already pretty out there.

    The Dark Age Of Berserk

    With the overwhelming success of Elden Ring, it has gotten me to think about Berserk again. Ever since the tragic death of Kentaro Miura this year, I have been yearning for a final Berserk game. The idea of From Software making a faithful adaptation of Berserk with the brutal difficulty that they are known for is a match made in heaven.

    From Software has put so many references to Berserk in their games already, not to mention their art style is perfect for Berserk. Even though there have been a few Berserk games in the past, including the mediocre musou game a few years back, I would love to see a final Berserk game to immortalize the series in pop culture forever.

    Classic Shonen Action

    I want to go on record that I knew without a doubt that Jujutsu Kaisen was going to be fire. The imaginative power system, fun characters, and awesome villains would be perfect video game material. We could get a true spiritual successor to the ninja storm games with improved mechanics. There is a large cast of characters so there is plenty of opportunity for interesting fighting scenarios.

    The game could be a fun online fighting scene and could explore more of the manga content. Plus it could be a chance to wash the bad taste that Jump Force left on the collective mouth of the gaming industry. How did it almost win the fighting game of the year? A JJK fighting game would be a fresh and exciting take on the fighting games world.

    Volleyball With The Boys

    We’ve talked about a lot of battle and action-related series, but let’s talk about some volleyball. Haikyuu is quite possibly one of the most unique and compelling sports anime I have ever watched. The rivalries were exhilarating and each game was filled with so many twists and turns. How cool would it be if we could relive the most hype moments of the anime through a volleyball RPG?

    Indie games have taken stabs at sports RPGs in the past and I think Haikyuu could make a perfect experiment for a volleyball RPG. You collect all of the members of the main team and you could develop and learn techniques straight from the show. I could finally play a volleyball video game in the open without feeling any lingering shame about my life choices.

    Those were our picks for anime that deserve new games! Let us know on Twitter which anime you would like to see get a game in the future!

    Bolt9236 loves video games of all shapes and forms. Some of his earliest gaming experiences was playing CO-OP games with his Dad. Believes that video games are the best art form and loves to explain the complicated history of video games. His opinions are his own even if their not popular.

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