Is Persona 5 Royal Playable on Steam Deck?

    Persona 5 Royal hits PC this Friday and many fans around the world are wondering if the JRPG will be able to run on Steam Deck. As of now, Valve has yet to officially designate the game as Steam Deck Certified. P5R will be available through Steam so many are hoping for quick easy access to play this magnificent title on the go through their Steam library.

    Is Persona 5 Royal Playable on Steam Deck?

    Fortunately for everyone, Persona 5 Royal runs great on Steam Deck! Those who reviewed the game on Steam managed to test it out with the Steam Deck and were thoroughly impressed, noting it ran at a frame rate of 60fps consistently. Check out some gameplay of the game running on Deck here.

    Persona 5 Royal is a perfect title to play portably, especially considering that the game is very pickup and go with the day to day aspect of it. Instead of having to sit down and play the game at home, players are now able to play short sessions or even long ones on the go with the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch versions. Performance was an aspect many people were worried about with both of these systems but it seems that it is not an issue at all, with near perfect performance praised across the board by all.

    Those playing P5R for the first time are truly in for a treat. The game is highly praised as one of the best JRPGs in recent years. With a game lasting over 80 hours on the short side, playing handheld is especially rewarding.

    Persona 5 Royal is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation 5 on October 21st. Check out our review of the Nintendo Switch version of the game here! Lastly, stay tuned to Final Weapon for guide coverage of the game when it drops later this week:

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