Among Us VR launches November 10

    Suspicious in VR.

    Innersloth, Schell Games, and Robot Teddy announced Among Us VR launches November 10 for Steam VR and Meta Quest 2. Digital pre-orders are available now.

    Here’s an overview via the official Steam page:

    Among Us VR is a party game of teamwork and betrayal. Grab your crew and headset and launch into the VR version of this hit multiplayer game for 4 – 10 players. Work together in this virtual spaceship to complete tasks before one or more Impostors kill everyone aboard. Built exclusively for VR, you will enjoy all the same gameplay as the original game, but now in an extremely immersive environment where everything (yup, everything!) is close up and personal.
    VR-Exclusive Highlights
    • Gameplay: Experience the core Among Us gameplay you know and love, such as tasks, sabotages, emergency meetings, and venting, but now in VR
    • In-Game Voice Chat: Communicate using voice chat (featuring proximity chat) or use quick text chat
    • Minigames: Play old favorites and new-for-VR games, too
    • Customization: Pick your character’s color and hat
    • Comfort and Safety: Adjust your settings for the best experience possible
    • Cross-Platform in VR: Play with other VR users, even on other VR platforms and headsets
    • Locomotion: Choose single or two-handed locomotion options
    In this game, you’ll play as either a Crewmate or an Impostor.
    Crewmate Mission: Complete all the tasks or find the Impostor. Keep your eyes and ears open since there is always someone lurking right around the corner.
    Impostor Mission: Kill and sabotage the Crewmates! Be as sneaky as possible and lie, lie, lie.
    It’s as simple as that!
    Among Us VR Launch Trailer

    Developer Comments

    “It was a fun challenge to balance the wants of an existing fanbase with the needs of players new to the world of Among Us,” says Among Us VR Design Director Michal Ksiazkiewicz. “In both groups, we had to be mindful of another split: People who are new to VR gaming, and those already familiar with it. Thankfully, we quickly confirmed our suspicion that Among Us would thrive in VR, and it’s been a pure joy finding ways to capitalize on it.”

    “While we rebuilt a well-known map, it plays differently when you don’t have the top-down view and you have to be more aware of your surroundings,” says Senior Producer Jennifer Rabbitt. “As an Impostor, I’ve been caught red-handed by doors opening and someone walking in on me. And as a Crewmate, you want to make sure you’re always looking over your shoulder!”

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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