Deathverse: Let It Die future season plans and cross-play detailed

    HDR support, accessibility features, and more coming soon.

    GungHo Online Entertainment and Supertrick Games revealed its plans for Deathverse: Let It Die including season 1 and cross-play support.

    The latest details are available below courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment:

    In Deathverse: Let It Die players compete in a 16-player survival battle arena as contestants of the world-renowned television program DEATH JAMBOREE. Flanked by your trusty robot companion, Wilson, you must fight off, defend against, and outsmart enemies in PvPvE mayhem to be the last contestant standing.
    Welcome to the Jamboree
    After the seismic calamity known as “Earth’s Rage,” humanity is brought to the brink of extinction. Scarred by the horrors they’ve faced, the survivors feed their bloodlust with the deadly and decadent DEATH JAMBOREE. Anyone can compete on the sinister television show to win fortune and favor, but once you’re in the arena, there’s only one way out: killing the competition.
    Deathverse: Let It Die is packed with action and tons of gameplay features, including:
    • Many Ways to Slay: To become a star, prove your strength against others in Ranked Matches online, or let loose to test your skills in Exhibition Mode. Players can also group up with friends in Room Matches.
    • A Weapon for Every Strategy: Players can choose between the Machete, Hammer, Arms, Buzzsaw, and–Uncle Death’s favorite–the Katana. Compete in matches to increase your weapon’s level and stats, and collect materials to craft more powerful weapon variations. If you can’t wait to add to your weapon collection, look out for Twin Knives coming out in Season 1 later this year.
    • Breathtaking Scenery: Matches take place on a variety of stages, called Units, each with distinct zones. As the clock runs down, contamination increases, and the area you fight in grows smaller. Staying in a contaminated zone spells your doom. If you are crafty, you can catch a foe by surprise from the high ground, hide in tall bushes, or stalk your prey from the shadows. Those who take advantage of the terrain are more likely to survive.
    • Killer Cryptids and Hunters: Bloodcurdling Cryptids roam the battlefield, and when the cutthroat Hunters enter the area, there are only two options: run or die. During Season 1, players can look forward to three different Hunters who will join battles on rotation: Hunter Q, Hunter G, and Hunter M. Each has unique abilities, so learn them quickly to stay alive.
    • Build a Better Killer: Pick up items like Mushrooms and Sub-skills to modify your abilities and boost your chances for survival. You can also find Materials used for crafting and upgrading weapons and skins. Items are dropped when you kill enemies or break boxes scattered across the field.
    • Make It Look Good: Killing in a flashy way, especially using a Final Judgment, will earn Good Points (GP) from the DEATH JAMBOREE audience. GP increases your Voltage (comparable to health in other games) and attack power, so you’ll want to be a fan favorite if you plan on surviving.
    • Dress to Kill: There’s nothing more embarrassing than wearing the same outfit as another killer – avoid that with dozens of customization items! Mix and match outfits, Wilson skins, shield skins, and more to create a look to die for. You can also decorate your waiting room to prepare for the battle in style.
    To Be Continued
    If you can’t wait for more Deathverse: Let It Die content, then you’re in luck. In November, the LET IT DIE Collection Vol. 1 will introduce a limited-time Metro Fighter skin and Uncle Death shield skin, which are based on the original LET IT DIE.
    In Deathverse: Let It Die Season 2, beginning Winter/Spring 2023, players can look forward to Cup Matches and a Masters tournament to decide the best killer contestant of the season, plus a new, unannounced weapon. Season 3 will be LET IT DIE themed and feature another weapon, a new Hunter, and the limited-time Duo Death Match event, letting players pair up against their foes. Both seasons will include new types of existing weapons.
    In the future, Deathverse: Let It Die will be updated with PlayStation/Steam crossplay, HDR support, accessibility features, recording/replay features, and the ability to change background music.
    Deathverse: Let It Die Season 1 Trailer

    Lastly, Deathverse: Let It Die releases October 5 for PC.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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