How to Claim Stray on PS Plus

    Stray has released finally after much anticipation, which has led many players wondering how to claim it on PS Plus! The game is available for free to users of the higher tiers of PlayStation’s online service, and takes almost no time in order to install.

    Am I Eligible to Download Stray?

    The first question you must ask is if you are in fact eligible to download this title. In order to be eligible, you must be subscribed to either PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium. The base tier of PS Plus will not be eligible to play Stray for free through the service itself. You can check out the difference in all the subscription options right here.

    How to Claim Stray on PS Plus

    In order to claim Stray on PS Plus, users must first navigate to the PS Plus section. This is found at the very left side of the PlayStation 5 home screen.

    PS Plus

    From here, drop down into the PS Plus menu and head to the search feature on the very right side of the menu. This will allow you to manually search for Stray, as it is much easier than scrolling through the sea of games that the service offers to find it.

    After searching for Stray, click the game and click download! That is all there is to it and the game will then proceed to download right away to your PlayStation 5 console. This process can be applied to any game on PlayStation Plus, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade, which just dropped onto the service today alongside Stray. Games come to the service in the middle of each month. Be sure to check out all of our other guides and stay tuned to Final Weapon for our upcoming reviews and features these next few weeks!


    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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