Exoprimal Gameplay Trailer, closed network test announced for July

    During the Capcom Showcase, we got a look at gameplay for Exoprimal. The Exoprimal gameplay trailer showed off two new Exosuits, the Barrage and Vigilant. A glimpse at the story of the game was also as well. At the end of the trailer, a closed network test was announced for July that you can sign up for now. No date was announced for the network test but you can sign up for it here.

    From Capcom:

    We’ve previously covered four Exosuits: the sharp-shooting Deadeye, a ranged assault suit with sustained firepower; the aptly-named Roadblock, a tank suit that protects the team with its shield; the fleet-footed Zephyr, a melee assault suit that excels in cutting through groups; and the Witchdoctor, a support suit that keeps squads fighting fit. Today, we’re introducing two more assault suits that will join the fray, each specializing in a different kind of combat to eliminate dinosaur hordes (or an opposing Exofighter squad).

    First up, Barrage brings the heat at close quarters, carving an explosive path of fire and destruction through anything that stands between them and their objective. Meanwhile, the newly revealed Vigilant takes a more pointed approach, preferring to use a long-range railgun to unleash deadly, precise shots on dinosaurs and opposing Exosuits alike. We’ll have more info on each of these suits at a later date, so keep your eyes open for more info soon.

    Aside from your suits, you’ll also have access to a powerful customization option known as rigs. These useful additions serve a variety of roles that can enhance a suit’s existing capabilities or make up for deficiencies in a given Exosuit’s arsenal. Equip the Cannon for a long-range attack (even if you’re using a melee range suit like Zephyr), or try equipping the Aid rig on a Roadblock to effectively heal your teammates while shielding them from danger! Rigs allow an extra layer of customization to your personal playstyle, and, just like your suit, can be changed at any time – even in the middle of combat!

    Behind these suits and their incredible ability to stand up to the incoming dinosaur menace is Leviathan – an AI that can predict where dinosaurs will appear next and has the ability to design even more powerful Exosuits using combat data. Developed by the Aibius Corporation, this next-generation AI guides Exofighters through the world of Exoprimal via voice navigation and augmented reality displays. Among the many tasks that this AI handles, Leviathan will also guide Exofighters through the game’s main mode: Dino Survival. As helpful as Leviathan seems, there’s something disturbing about the combat trials and wargames it creates, requiring Exofighters to compete against one another in order to claim victory.

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