Final Fantasy XIV collaboration event with Final Fantasy XI returns on April 28th

    Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy XI collaboration event returns to Final Fantasy XIV on April 28th! Until May 18th, Final Fantasy XIV players may embark on the seasonal quest titled “A Maiden’s Rhapsody”, bridging the worlds of Vana’diel and Hydaelyn together. To start the quest, players must speak to Remumu in the Limsa Lominsa – Upper Decks area. Rewards for the collaboration event include armor from Final Fantasy XI. The official event website is live here with the aforementioned armor and more details.

    Final Fantasy XIV recently received new content in the form of Patch 6.1: Newfound Adventure. Patch 6.1 adds new main scenario quests, side quests, an alliance raid and more to take on. More details about patch 6.1 may be found here. The latest expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, is available now across PS4, PS5 and PC worldwide. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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    Soul Kiwami
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