Dragon Quest X Offline – Fun-Size Forge, Accessory Synthesis details

    Square Enix shared new details regarding Dragon Quest X Offline! Specifically, the Fun-Size Forge and Accessory Synthesis were detailed at length. Read up on all the new information below, courtesy of Gematsu:

    In Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, you can build and strengthen equipment with the Fun-Size Forge and Accessory Synthesis. Build strong equipment to gain the upper hand on your adventure.

    ■ Build New Weapons and Armor with the Fun-Size Forge

    As you progress through the story, you will obtain an item called the “Fun-Size Forge,” which can be used to build brand-new weapons and armor, as well as rework and strengthen existing equipment. The Fun-Size Forge can also be used to create items that have greater performance than those sold in shops, as well as items not sold in shops at all. Collect weapon and armor recipes and materials to build strong weapons and armor!

    How to Use the Fun-Size Forge

    —1. After obtaining the Fun-Size Forge, you can use it at any time from a safe location. Select it from the menu to move over to the workshop!

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —2. At the workshop, you will see a list of the recipes you have acquired. New recipes can be found on bookshelves, in recipe shops, and so on.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —3. When you have the materials required for a forge, the Fun-Size Forge mini-game will begin. If you lack certain materials, you can buy them on the spot.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —4. Equipment is forged by bashing heated materials. The more you bash, the higher the forging meter rises, so bash until the meter lands in the green success zone.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —5. As you gain more expereince using the Fun-Size Forge and your forge level increases, you may learn skills exclusive to forging. Utilize these skills to forge well-made equipment.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —6. The equipment is complete! If you are not satisfied with the results, you can use a “Perfectionist Pearl” to rework their equipment. As your forge level increases, you will be able to forge more powerful equipment.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Create “+3” Equipment

    The more well-made the equipment, the higher the “+” value at the end of its name and the greater its performance. With enough success, you can even create “+3” equipment.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    ■ Strengthen Accessories with Accessory Synthesis

    In Verinard Castle Town on the Wena Islands, there is a shop called “Accessory Synthesis,” where the same accessories can be synthesized and given special effects. Try it out if you have multiple of the same accessory.

    How to Synthesize Accessories

    —1. Talk to Line, the Accessory Synthesis shopkeeper, and give her the base accessory you want to synthesize, as well as the synthesis material accessory.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —2. Select the effect you want to apply to your accessory, then hand it to the shopkeeper to perform the synthesis. There are no failed attempts, so rest assured your accessory is in good hands.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —3. Your accessory with synthesis effect is complete! Accessories can be synthesized up to “+3.”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Shopkeeper Line

    A young shopkeeper who runs the Accessory Synthesis shop. She is easygoing, but skilled.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Synthesis Effects Depend on the Accessory

    The effects that can be applied at the Accessory Synthesis shop differ for each accessory. For some accessories, you will be able to choose from three or more effects.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Dragon Quest X Offline releases this Summer for PS4, PS5, Switch and PC via Steam in Japan. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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