Dragon Quest X Offline advanced vocations detailed

    Square Enix shared new details for Dragon Quest X Offline. The new RPG features advanced vocations, which are specialized and powerful classes. Read up on more details below, courtesy of Gematsu:

    ■ Changing to an Advanced Vocation

    The conditions for changing vocations vary depending on the vocation. For example, to change to the Gladiator vocation, you must first raise the level of the Warrior or Martial Artist vocations available from the start of the game to a certain level, and then clear the quest required to unlock the Gladiator. Upon meeting these conditions, you can change your vocation to Gladiator by talking to the priest at the Temple of Dharma.

    —Clear a specific quest.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —And become the battle expert vocation Gladiator!

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    ■ Advanced Vocations

    Gladiator: The Dual-Wielding Attacker

    An attacker specializing in combat, sacrificing defense in favor of offense. A top-class attacker among all vocations, the Gladiator can also dual wield. Its Coup de Grace “Tension Boost” instantly boosts its tension to a super high state.

    —Skill: “A Cut Above”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Coup de Grace: “Tension Boost”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Paladin: The Chivalrous Knight Who Protects its Allies

    A knight who protects its allies with high HP and defense power, and also plays a support role with restoration spells such as “Midheal.” Its Coup de Grace “Knight Watch” draws the enemy’s attention to the Paladin and negates all damage for a number of turns.

    —Skill: “Heavy Grip”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Coup de Grace: “Knight Watch”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Armamentalist: The “Forcewielder” with Attribute-Granting Magic

    A vocation that can use various spells to strengthen its allies, and wields the “Force” to grant weapons various attributes. Its Coup de Grace “Funereal Fource” restores all of its MP and has a chance of increasing the amount of damage dealt to the enemy.

    —Skill: “Funereal Fource”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Coup de Grace: “Wizard’s Wheel”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Ranger: The Hunter Blessed by the Spirits

    A hunter given power by the spirits. This vocation has a higher chance of obtaining material items at the end of a battle. Its Coup de Grace “Brownie Boost” increases the attack and defense of all party members, as well as restores HP and MP.

    —Skill: “Wolf Whistle”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Coup de Grace: “Brownie Boost”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Sage: The Enlightened Mage

    A magic expert able to cast advanced attack and defense spells. Its Coup de Grace “Spelly Breath” increases its magic power while recovering MP, and can sometime trigger a cast spell twice in a row.

    —Skill: “Kazam”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Coup de Grace: “Spelly Breath”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Superstar: The Charming Entertainer

    An entertainer whose appeal captivates even its enemies. The Superstar supports the party with unique skills such as increasing the amount of experience points earned in battle, spending money to summon bodyguards, and raining down gold.

    —Skill: “Gold Rush”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Coup de Grace: “Shocking Twist”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Dancer: Supporting Allies through Song and Dance

    A dancer who leads the enemy around with its dazzling steps. The Dancer knows various songs and dances that support allies and inflict status ailments upon enemies, and can also dual wield. Its Coup de Grace “Dance of Kojin” significantly boosts the tension of all party members to turn the tides of battle.

    —Skill: “Poisonous Blues”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Coup de Grace: “Dance of Kojin”

    Dragon Quest X Offline


    An entertainment professional who loves to play. It never stops playing, even during battle, and that amusement can even produce various effects. Even its Coup de Grace “Hocus Pocus” comes with the excitement of never knowing what will occur.

    —Skill: “Lucky Dip”

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Coup de Grace: “Hocus Pocus”

    Dragon Quest X Offline


    Dragon Quest X Offline releases this Summer for PS4, PS5, Switch and PC via Steam in Japan. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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