Warframe: Angels of the Zariman expansion releases April 27th

    Digital Extremes announced that the Warframe: Angels of the Zariman expansion releases April 27th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC. Tenno embark on a new quest following the events of The New War featuring new enemies, gear and much more to find. Read up on more details about the new Warframe expansion and check out the new trailer below:


    Return to where it all began and illuminate the dark mysteries lurking within the Zariman Ten Zero. Delve deep into a brand-new Quest in this highly-anticipated follow-up to The New War, featuring all-new ways to play, new enemies and more ways to customize your gear.


    Venture into the very heart of the Zariman and explore unique locations like the Crystalith social hub. Here you can meet new characters and friends, customize your own Dormizone apartment, or jump seamlessly into three challenging new Endless Mission types—including thrilling spins on Warframe’s classic four-player Missions. Be prepared, though. Mysterious and terrifying new enemies stalk the Zariman’s abandoned halls.


    You won’t be alone amidst the darkness. Take on deadly new threats with three brand-new evolving Zariman Weapons, and complete objectives to unlock powerful upgrades, including alt-fire modes.

    The Zariman being a peaceful colony ship, these weapons are ceremonial, crafted from wood taken from the immense Orokin forests on Earth. However, like the Tenno themselves, time spent in proximity to the Void has corrupted these Weapons and they are ripe with the potential for change.

    Complete Missions and defeat enemies to siphon the power of the Void into your Weapons, and witness them transform in the Untime’s own image!

     Angels of the Zariman Angels of the Zariman


    Annihilate enemies with the conductivity of coils and transmitters and build unstoppable momentum as the 49th Warframe, Gyre. Keep her energetic playstyle in check to control the flow of any Mission and have a chance to deal critical damage for each Electrical status that affects the enemy.

     Angels of the Zariman

    Wield Gyre’s Arsenal of choice with the Gyre Collection, containing the Triodic Syandana and her signature Alternox Rifle, capable of launching electric spheres at enemies or striking from a distance with a long-range lightning bolt.

     Angels of the Zariman



    Launch a Gyratory Sphere that will deal high damage on impact and periodically deal electrical shocks to nearby enemies. Hitting at least 3 enemies with the initial launch enhances damage.


    Throw forward a Gyratory Sphere that will implode after 2 seconds, or can be manually triggered.


    Gain a brief burst of increased Critical Chance and Energy Regen, with each kill extending duration of Cathode Grace. Casting is on a cooldown.


    Gyre’s mechanisms spin at incredible speeds, generating an Electric Field that shocks nearby enemies. When Gyre gets a critical hit, a large electrical discharge will chain from the enemy that was hit to nearby enemies.

     Angels of the Zariman


    Carve out a personal sanctuary with brand-new Dormizones! With the help of the remaining souls left in the Chrysalith, outfit your Dormizone with Decorations and soundscapes to really make it feel like home.

    Increase your Standing in the Chrysalith and you’ll even be able to unlock new rooms with stunning Vistagraphs.

     Angels of the Zariman


    Add new Weapons, Customizations, Boosters and more to your Arsenal with new Emergence and Chrysalith Supporter Packs! Venture into the dark of the Zariman with the evolving Tenno badge of honor, the Vasero Sekhara, the striking Hespar Scythe and much more. Sekharas are adornments given to only the most accomplished Tenno, signifiers of extraordinary ability. Wear it proudly, Tenno!

     Angels of the Zariman


    • Vasero Sekhara

    • Hespar Scythe

    • Galeforce Dawn Stance Mod

    • Zariman Glyph*

    • Zariman Sigil*

    • 7-Day Resource Booster

    • 7-Day Resource Drop Chance Booster


    • Vasero Sekhara

    • Hespar Scythe

    • Galeforce Dawn Stance Mod

    • Zariman Glyph*

    • Zariman Sigil*

    • 7-Day Resource Booster

    • 7-Day Resource Drop Chance Booster

    • 500 Platinum

    • Gyre Warframe

    • Gyre Automaton Helmet

    • Gyratory Sphere Decoration

    • Triodic Syandana

    • Alternox Rifle

    • Saryn Voidshell Skin

    • Volt Voidshell Skin

    • Rhino Voidshell Skin

    • 15 Material Structures

    *One per account. Items marked with a * will be exclusive to this pack for a limited time.

     Angels of the Zariman


    Tear through enemies with the vicious strength of the Valkyr Carnivex Collection, featuring the Valkyr Carnivex Warframe Skin, Dreyric Fist Weapon Skin and Alastorn Armor Set.


    Focus Schools are receiving a total overhaul in Angels of the Zariman! The aim is to give all existing Schools a more defined identity and playstyle while giving you more options for active Abilities, instead of passive Energy Drains, as well as making combat flow between Operator and Warframe even more seamless. All Focus points will be refunded back to the school it was invested in when Angels of the Zariman launches!


    Eximus Enemies appear in Missions across the Origin System and the Zariman is no different. However, Angels of the Zariman is bringing big changes to the way that Eximus Enemies function to amplify their threat and boost Rewards accordingly, along with visual enhancements to be more identifiable in combat!

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