Entergram announced that romance visual novel Kiss Kara Hajimaru Gyaru no Koi: Kurumi no Uwasa to Honto no Kimochi releases April 28th 2022 for PS4 in Japan! A Premium Edition will be sold for 7,678 yen featuring an illustrated tapestry by Monety and the original soundtrack. Pre-orders are live across Japanese retailers such as Biccamera and Yodobashi. Check out the overview of Kiss Kara Hajimaru Gyaru no Koi: Kurumi no Uwasa to Honto no Kimochi below courtesy of VNDB:

Second-year student Utazawa Hiroki has a disposition to want to help people in trouble and his interest is directed at the girl sitting next to him in class: Hiiragi Kurumi.

If she was just a simple kogal with a flashy hairstyle, then perhaps he would’ve treated her as just another classmate.

But, people told bad rumors about her. She looked resigned to her fate, always gazing out of the window, putting a wall between her and the rest of the class – if anyone was not meant to be there, it was her.

Hiroki’s relationship with her was triggered by a chance encounter.

Being aware of the face she’s always making, Hiroki starts questioning her on her situation.

Kurumi is touched by his meddlesomeness and gradually becomes more interested in him…

Concealed behind her appearance, there hides the pure and vulnerable love of a Kogal.

It began with a teasing kiss and then rushed past like a spring breeze.

Lastly, the official website is available here. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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