Entergram announced that romance visual novel Chigau!!!+ is coming to PS4 on April 28th 2022 in Japan. A Premium Edition will be sold for 7,678 yen and includes a B2 tapestry, Tsuno-illustrated art, original soundtrack and acrylic keychain. Pre-orders are available now across Japanese retailers such as Yodobashi and Biccamera. Check out the overview of the game from the Steam page below:

Mistake romance meta novel game.
Catch the heroine.

Mirai Minato, a boy student who attends Mokuyo High School, is woken up by a noisy childhood friend who takes care of him as usual.
Lofty dream, Yandere-like junior, runaway nerd senior, deskhawk…etc.
――Mirai gets into trouble by various characters regardless of her will.
He enjoys a noisy school life.
“Wait, isn’t it an overstatement to say “noisy”?”
……Do not interrupt the synopsis.

Meguri Sasaduka(笹塚 愛里)

Mokuyo High School 2nd year. Belongs to the drama club.She is next to her house with Mirai. It has been an inseparable relationship since her childhood.
She takes a bullish attitude towards Mirai and her other heroines.
However, she is actually a caring person and has a personality that can not leave a troubled person alone.

Rumi Temmabashi(天満橋 流美)

Mokuyo High School 1st year. Belongs to the home economics club.Mirai helps her when she’s about to be run over by a car, and she begins to like him.
She is usually a pure and serious personality.
However, she is crazy and has a side to play with the surroundings, and Mirai and Meguri are often chased by the response.

Sumire Jujo(十条 菫)

Mokuyo High School 2nd year. Belongs to the literature club.She is a girl she met at the literature club that Mirai happened to visit.
She likes to be alone, as she always quietly indulges in reading in the literature club room.
However, She trusts Mirai.

Mei Akihabara(秋葉原 鳴)

Mokuyo High School 3rd year. Belongs to the otaku club.A trouble maker with a wealth of subculture knowledge who calls Mirai the “Hero”.
She approaches Mirai because she wants to get along with a cute girl.
She has a rushing personality that she likes, and she mercilessly involves her surroundings.

Mirai Minato(湊 未来)

Hero. A male student attending Mokuyo High School. He is an unscrupulous student who skips school from the first day of the new year.
He is often swayed around and tends to leave himself to the flow of the moment.
His childhood friend, Meguri, says he can’t do anything alone.

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