GungHo Online announced that the Ninjala x Rurouni Kenshin collaboration is live until January 12th 2022! The collaboration event various items, costumes and more based off of characters from the famous manga/anime series such as Kenshin, Shishio, Sanosuke and Hajime. Check out more details below:

TOKYO, Japan – December 16, 2021 – The wandering samurai from the Rurouni Kenshin Anime has found his way into Ninjala until January 12, bringing along costumes, Emotes, Gum Utsusemi, and more straight from the Meiji era. Ninjala is available as a free download on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer for the Rurouni Kenshin Anime collab hereThe Shinobi Shop Rurouni Kenshin fans can show their love for the classic manga series with a Rurouni Kenshin t-shirt, available in the Shinobi Shop for 500 Jala. Three new costumes are available for 2,000 Jala each:

  • Kenshin Himura

  • Hajime Saito

  • Aoshi Shinomori

Players can join the former legendary assassin on his mission to protect and aid those in need by wielding his reverse blade katana with the Sakabato Bottle for 800 Jala. Show off your sword technique with these Emotes for 500 Jala each:

  • Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki

  • Gatotsu

  • Kaguzuchi

Deliver the final blow with two IPPON Decorations, only 500 Jala each. If you have 800 Jala to spare for each of these Gum Utsusemi, you can transform into your favorite Rurouni Kenshin swordsmen:

  • Utsusemi! Kenshin Himura

  • Utsusemi! Sanosuke Sagara

  • Utsusemi! Sojiro Seta

The Gumball Machine The Gumball Machine’s exclusive Makoto Shishio costume is a must-have for fans of the ruthless and cold-blooded antagonist. There’s also a chance to get the following weapon skins:

  • IPPON Gum (Kenshin)

  • SK8 Gum (Sanosuke)

  • Drill Gum (Hajime)

  • Scroll Gum (Aoshi)

  • Shinobuzz Gum (Shishio)

Rurouni Kenshin Cup and Other Events The Rurouni Kenshin Cup begins January 9—this special Ninjala tournament rewards winning players with the Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren Emote, the Rurouni Kenshin・Ororo sticker, and these unique IPPON Decorations:

  • Tournament Memorial: Gold (Kenshin)

  • Tournament Memorial: Silver (Kenshin)

  • Tournament Memorial: Bronze (Kenshin)

  • Tournament Memorial: Purple (Kenshin)

Depending on the number of battles played, players can also receive three Shinobuzz Gums (Shishio), the Rurouni Kenshin・Code sticker, and up to 200 Gacha Coins. Grab your katana and slash your way up these tiers to unlock the rewards:

  • 1 Battle: 20 Gacha Coins

  • 5 Battles: 30 Gacha Coins

  • 10 Battles: 3 Shinobuzz Gums (Shishio)

  • 20 Battles: 50 Gacha Coins

  • 30 Battles: 100 Gacha Coins

  • 40 Battles: Rurouni Kenshin・Code sticker

Ninjala is free-to-play on Switch worldwide. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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