We are approaching 3 decades since the original PlayStation console released in Japan. Today marks the 27th Anniversary of the Japanese release on December 3rd 1994 (JST). Ridge Racer was one of the iconic launch titles for the console which showcased what it was capable of early on. Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital were developing a racing simulation game that utilized the hardware to its limits, Gran Turismo. PlayStation would make its way to the west on September 9th 1995 with more console-defining games like Ace Combat and Battle Arena Toshinden.

Although the N64 was around the corner in 1996, the PlayStation still dominated the era with strong sales and games. Some of these games include the legendary Final Fantasy VII which wasn’t feasible on the N64. The 3-disc JRPG would be one of the console’s best selling games and continues to sell as a remaster and remake to this day. Even more JRPGs would come to the console such as Chrono Cross, improved ports of Shin Megami Tensei I & II, Persona and much more. Later into the lifecycle, the console would see revisions such as the tiny PS One. The PlayStation controller would also be upgraded into the original DualShock with two analog sticks.

The original PlayStation remains as one of the most beloved and celebrated consoles of all time. To celebrate, the official PlayStation Japan Twitter account changed their header and icon for PlayStation Day. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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