Kodansha just launched multiple Steam pages for their upcoming Kodansha Games Creators Lab projects! This includes the new game in development by Persona and Shin Megami Tensei composer Shoji Meguro. Check out the games and their respective Steam links below:

Guns Undarkness

“Guns Undarkness” is a “Stealth RPG” that combines typical stealth game features such as remaining undetected and invading antagonist’s territory, with the traditional command type JRPG. The gameplay is roughly divided into two parts: a stealth part that hides on the field and a battle part that is developed by a turn-based command-type battle system. Encountering without being found by the enemy allows you to enter the battle in an advantageous manner. Aim for the depths of the antagonist’s territory while managing your resources well.
The main weapons of the protagonists are firearms such as hand guns and assault rifles. By defeating enemies and obtaining materials, you can customize the equipped gun more powerfully.

【story summary】
The story takes place in the year 2045, in a devastated world after a nuclear war, where you become a member of a PMC (Private Military Company) and carry out missions with your peers. Amid fierce battles, the protagonists realize the “true love” that will lead humanity to a higher level of existence.

【game developer】
The game was designed, composed and developed by Shoji Meguro, a legendary game designer who worked as a composer and director for the “Persona” series and the “Shin Megami Tensei” series. The lyrics of songs are written by Lotus Juice, also from the “Persona” series. And Ilya Kuvshinov, an up-and-coming Russian illustrator known for his work on “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”, will create characters that give color to the game world.


A new feeling 2D action game by Japanese indie game studio, game design by tokitamago!

This is a one-player 2D action game, but the replay data of players from all over the world collected on the server is reflected on the game screen, and you can play in cooperation with up to 100 friends! A game just like “rush hour”. You can fully enjoy the unprecedented messy and fluffy feeling of the overloaded screen information!!

The opponent to fight is an extraterrestrial life form! They parasitize insects and heavy machinery, become huge and attack mercilessly! Let’s confront with the latest weapons of humankind and the overwhelming number of 100 friends!

You can destroy the boss by the shortest route that is hard to get lost, or you can explore the stage like an ant’s nest stretched underground and get new power and weapons! Let’s expand the search range and advance the game to your advantage!

Mearstale: our little item shop

“Mearstale” is a national strategy adventure game where you become the lord of the country and develop the town significantly. Sell ​​everything from stones to real estate, build buildings, and sometimes interact with people to explore the world within a given period of time.

【A different experience each time you play】
Buildings and powerful items will appear randomly, so each time you play, your strategy will change and you can enjoy it like roguelike. Depending on your play style.
The way the country develops will change, and a different world will spread.

Your other purpose is to chase after the suspicious disappearance of the former lord.
Focus on interacting with the characters and unravel many mysteries.
If you find a former lord, you may be able to restore a declining country, even if your lord’s skills are not good enough.
By promoting exchanges and getting to know someone, you can see different paths

・ Always last-minute store management
・ Roguelike town building with over 150 types of buildings
・ You can buy and sell over 300 types of items
・ Over 60 unique items will greatly change your play style
・ A story woven by more than 10 attractive characters
・ Equipped with 4 game modes that change the feeling of play


“BOKURA” is a puzzle adventure game for 2 players only.
Each player will be two boys who have run away from home, and move forward toward “somewhere far”.
There are many stages ahead of them that can only be overcome by their cooperation. By solving gimmicks that require inspiration, ingenuity, and communication, and capturing the stage, you can experience the story of two boys running away from home.

“I’m going somewhere far away, will you come too?”
The boy nodded. I wanted to know how far “somewhere far” is.

More details including trailers about upcoming Kodansha published and funded games are coming soon. In the meantime, stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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