Atlus announced today that Shin Megami Tensei & Persona composer Shoji Meguro left the company to become an independent freelancer. However, Atlus and Shoji Meguro will continue working together for future games! Meguro may now pursue jobs across the gaming industry which is great for fans of his work and talent. Atlus states that they support Meguro’s new challenge in the industry going forward. Meguro has a lot of plans in store for his development career.

Additionally, Kodansha Game Creators Lab announced that Shoji Meguro is working on a new indie game to be revealed on November 6th! Fans can tune into the reveal during Indie Live Expo Winter 2021. Aside from composing music, Meguro has been developing his own games for the past 5 years. He applied for the Kodansha Game Creators Lab under the alias “Megarock” and made it to the final interview stage. As a result, Meguro won 500,000 yen as backing from Kodansha to develop a new game. His new game is also titled Megarock and it’s been developed throughout those years in Unreal Engine 4. According to Meguro, his new independent game is a “sci-fi stealth action” JRPG. Check out the new video below:

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