Bandai Namco held their third Q&A session for Tales of Luminaria! Overseas Producer Sugi answered important questions about the upcoming mobile RPG including the game’s gacha system. According to Sugi, all 21 original characters are free. Players roll for costumes, weapons and accessories for each character. Some costumes and weapons available to summon include Artes attached to them. Gameplay is currently only supported in portrait mode on mobile devices. The developers felt that portrait mode is the best way to experience Luminaria’s gameplay and world.

Sugi states that the game is very friendly to F2P (free-to-play) players who want to enjoy the story first and foremost as well. Each character’s story features 8 main chapters and 8 crossroads chapters. The crossroads chapters release between main chapters of the story. Fans can expect these chapters to release weekly after launch. The global version releases around the same time as the Japanese version with a difference of around 15 hours or so. Updates for the game will also follow accordingly. In addition, the global version supports English but does not currently support Japanese voice-overs. The full Q&A video is available below:

Lastly, Tales of Luminaria releases for iOS and Android worldwide in the near future. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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