In a recent keynote during GI: Live London, SIE CEO Jim Ryan shared some interesting statements regarding the current reach of PlayStation games. According to Jim Ryan, a really great PlayStation hit ranges around 10 – 20 million people playing and talking about that game. Ryan also believes that PS5 will be Sony’s “biggest and best and most loved” PlayStation console yet. However, the CEO further states that he’s frustrated at the current console model because games are “gated” to those 20 or 30 million players. Even with the PS4’s large install base of over 100 million players, major first-party titles reach only a fraction of that base. Here’s what Jim Ryan had to say, courtesy of VGC:

“I hope that PlayStation 5, and I really believe the PlayStation 5 will be Sony’s biggest and best and most loved PlayStation yet. I hope that will happen…

I would also like to see a world where the games that we make at PlayStation can be enjoyed by many tens of millions of people. Perhaps hundreds of millions of people. Right now success with the current console model, a really great PlayStation hit you’re talking ten or 20 million people being able to play that game.

We’re talking about games stacking up against music, we’re talking about games stacking up against movies. Music and movies, they can be enjoyed by almost limitless audiences. And I think some of the art that our studios are making is some of the finest entertainment that has been made anywhere in the world.

And to kind-of gate the audience for the wonderful art, wonderful entertainment that our studios are making… to gate the audience for that at 20 or 30 million frustrates me. I would love to see a world where hundreds of millions of people can enjoy those games.”

This further justifies Sony’s efforts on PC with games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The player base of Sony’s games expands over time with the introduction of PC versions and it will likely continue to grow going forward. Ultimately, Jim Ryan wants hundreds of millions of people to dive into PlayStation games.

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