Atlus revealed new details for Shin Megami Tensei V during their 3rd edition of Megaten News Vol. 3! The newest presentation revealed demons from various Bethel Branches outside of Tokyo and more general information about the world of Da’at. Many demons play a very important role in Shin Megami Tensei V with some being representing regions from across the world.

Khonsu – Bethel Branch: Egypt

Vasuki – Bethel Branch: India

Zeus – Bethel Branch: Greece

Odin – Bethel Branch: Northern Europe








Each demon has their own motives and ambitions. Will they clash with Nahobino and his mission? That remains to be seen…

Traversing Da’at

Da’at is a vast world filled with demons, secrets and diverse terrains. Ley lines found in Da’at may be used for features such as saving and accessing Cadaver’s Hollow. In the Cadaver’s Hollow, Nahobino may purchase items and sell loot to master Gustave.

Creatures known as Miman may be discovered around the world and sent back to Gustave. By doing so, Gustave will give Nahobino rewards based on the number of Miman discovered. Nahobino also gains Glory by discovering Miman in Da’at so it’s worth chasing.

Across the world, Macca is needed to buy items from various demons and vendors. An easy way to scrounge up some Macca is by simply searching vending machines. In addition to vending machines, there are all sorts of items that may be discovered including breakable objects to find loot. Nahobino may also discovered petrified remains of demons from a war that took place years ago. By harvesting the remains’ energy, Nahobino’s party of demons grow stronger with exp. Another way of gaining exp includes encountering rare Mitama out in the wild.

Occasionally, Nahobino will encounter large red obstacles known as Abscesses. New miracles may be gained by defeating them. Amanozako, one of the previous demons revealed, helps Nahobino traverse the world of Da’at and give him advice as a quest navigator. Other demons may do the same such as Decarabia. It might be worth having some demon buddies along for the ride!

Like previous SMT games, the protagonist may also access requests from demons in the world for rewards. Da’at is an expanse world waiting to be explored later this fall. For those wanting an easier, story driven experience first and foremost, Safety Mode will be offered as free DLC. Fans can expect more details about Shin Megami Tensei V when Megaten News Vol. 4 airs in late October. Lastly, Shin Megami Tensei V releases on November 12th worldwide for Switch.

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