Square Enix shared new details about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker during Letter from the Producer LIVE #66! With the conclusion of the Hydaelyn & Zodiark saga, Endwalker brings various adjustments and updates to jobs, job actions and the overall battle system. News outlets and journalists will have the opportunity to check out Endwalker with the new media tour coming in mid-October. Details from tonight’s news letter is also in a build still in development so adjustments and updates are subject to change.

Jobs are being adjusted with update 5.0, Shadowbringers, being the baseline for what’s to come. There will be a new level cap and new actions but no new systems will be added according to producer Naoki Yoshida. Recast time of primary abilities have been adjusted to 60 and 120 second timers. This means that 90 second timers are being kept on a select amount of abilities. With this change, the tempo of battle will be maintained across the variety of jobs. Square Enix also showed off new Endwalker job actions in a lengthy 20 minute trailer:

Tanks are getting defensive adjustments to grant them more benefits. For instance, buffs will be more rewarding in tandem with using other actions at optimal times. This will also help optimize rotations and cooldowns for jobs such as Warrior and Paladin. Overall, combos will not be broken by ranged attacks too!  As previously reported, fundamental values are changing with potencies being adjusted downward. This is for overall balance of physical and magical damage potencies going forward. Those in the media tour might think that overall damage as been nerfed.

For DPS players, plenty of adjustments are coming your way. Feint is being adjusted to reduce physical and magical damage dealt on afflicted foes. Like tanks, combos will not be broken by ranged attacks and there will be parity between physical/magical damage attributes of weapons with the same item level. Healers have been tuned into major support types. For instance, Astrologians are now balanced toward pure healing while Scholars specialize in “barrier healing” and movement speed buffs. Job actions will be added to suit these roles. As a result, Raid Finder has been adjusted to bring in one pure healer and one barrier healer for duties. Party Finder has also been adjusted so that Healers are split into the two categories of Pure Healer and Barrier Healer.

Belts will be depreciated with update 6.0. This means that players will no longer be able to equip them. Players can sell them off in the market, turn them in for leves, desynthesize them or simply discard them. A variety of items in the sandbox will no longer be rated as HQ (High Quality). This includes gathered items, enemy drops, token exchangeable items and non-crafted items from certain activities. Such items can not be sold in the market following update 6.0 until they have been reduced to normal quality. Crafted items and gear may still be obtained at HQ. Teleportation fees will be readjusted with the new update as well. Fans can get even more details on specific job changes in Letter from the Producer LIVE #66 below:

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker early access begins on November 19th and the expansion launches for everyone on November 23rd on PS4, PS5 and PC. More details about Endwalker are coming so stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest news and updates!

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