Cygames and Arc System Works have released update 2.51 for Granblue Fantasy Versus! DLC character Eustace is also out now for players to try out. Check out the patch notes below (character adjustments here):

Eustace has been added as a playable character.

*The above content is available with purchase of “GBVS Character Pass 2” or “GBVS Additional Character Set (Eustace).

*Please note: Granblue Fantasy bonuses are only included on the PS4™ version of the DLC.

Eustace’s Battle Concept

A skilled member of Society, Eustace excels at mid-range projectiles.

As expected for a man with his years of firearms experience, Eustace possesses an array of shooting skills. With his trusted seal weapon, Flamek, he can shoot lightning projectiles, also known as Flamek Thunder. He can also fire a projectile, Slow Kill, that ricochets off the ground. Eustace’s Rat Race is a grenade toss that explodes after a set period of time, while Rat Race (+) can attaches to enemies and be detonated with any projectile attack, allowing Eustace to go for significant damage.

Eustace also has four follow-ups from his rushdown attack, Close Combat, creating a variety of situations where he can choose to go for a sneak attack, combo, or other unique combination of attacks.

Take control of the battlefield by continuously using Flamek Thunder and Slow Kill. Then, use Rat Race to initiate various forms of pressure.

Weapon skins for Eustace have been added.
– Flamek Thunder
– Rose Bouquet
– Albacore Rifle
– Tiamat Bolt Omega
– Colossus Carbine Omega
– Sephira Emerald Blaster
– Stratomizer

*Flamek Thunder is Eustace’s default weapon skin. The other weapon skins can be obtained through RPG Mode.

*If Stratomizer, Tiamat Bolt Omega, and Colossus Carbine Omega have already been obtained in RPG Mode, the weapon skins will automatically be unlocked after the update.

The following new stage has been added
・Dydroit Belt
*This stage is only selectable if “GBVS Additional Stage (Dydroit Belt)” has been purchased.

The following new music track has been added.
・Peace and Quiet (VS Eustace)
*This track is only selectable if Eustace is available as a playable character.

Applied fixes to Eustace’s character model and weapon skin models.

Implemented English voices for certain characters.

■RPG Mode

The following new quest episodes have been added.
Operation Omega
Location: The Grandcypher
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 50: “For the Sake of the Skies” (Normal)
*Eustace must be available as a playable character to start this quest.
*This quest will still be displayed even if Eustace is not available as a playable character.

In Search of Peace and Quiet
Location: The Grandcypher
Unlock Requirement: Clear “Operation Omega” (Normal)
*Eustace must be available as a playable character to start this quest.

Man Who Controls Lightning
Location: The Grandcypher
Unlock Requirement: Unlock The Grandcypher (Hard)

The following character can now be selected as the Quest Character and the Partner.
*Eustace must be available as a playable character in order to be selected.

The following new weapons have been added.
Sephira Emerald Blaster (SSR/Water)
Albacore Rifle (SR/Dark)
Rose Bouquet (R/Dark)
*Certain weapons can be obtained through “Forge Weapons” in Siero’s Shop.
*Certain weapons can also be obtained through the newly added quest episodes.

The following new treasures have been added.
・Eustace’s Medal
*These items can be obtained through specific quest episodes.

Color variants for Eustace have been added to Siero’s Shop.

New bonus missions have been added.

Load times for retrying battles in RPG Mode have been reduced.


Eustace may now appear as a foe.

■Mission Training

Missions related to Eustace have been added.
*Eustace must be available as a playable character in order to be selected.

Fixed the text when the Command Display Type is set to “Technical” and “Technical Command Only” for Eustace’s Combo 5.


The following new track has been added to the Battle Music section.
・Peace and Quiet (VS Eustace)
*Purchasable with Renown Pendants.


Fixed the line break positioning for certain text.


New trophies have been added.

The following lobby avatars have been added.
*Eustace’s avatar will only be available if he’s playable.
*Vy-Ball and Joy will only be available if “GBVS Additional Stage (Dydroit Belt)” has been purchased.


When the Virtual Controller Display/Input Log are both set to Hide, the Display/Hide Input Log option has been removed from the Button Guide.
*This does not change functionality from previous versions.


・Fixed text bugs.

・Applied minor bug fixes.

Lastly, Granblue Fantasy Versus is out now for PS4 and Steam worldwide. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and support us on Patreon!