Following the release of the Kirby Star Allies Art Book, some tidbits of information have surfaced about the future of the Kirby franchise. Director Shinya Kumazaki has gone on record to say he’s “ready for the next phase” of Kirby and a new project is in the works. According to our latest rumor, there might be more than one project in store for the franchise! A mainline Kirby game is supposedly coming this year and its reveal could come as soon as E3. We expect this title to come out this year and smaller Kirby releases could follow later on. For instance, a smaller eShop title similar to Kirby Fighters 2 could arrive in 2022. However, this is rumored so it might not turn out that way and its worth taking a grain of salt. Considering how Nintendo plans Kirby releases, its not unrealistic. HAL Laboratory and director Shinya Kumazaki will deliver a new Kirby game in the near future for Switch.

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