New Ao Oni mobile game has been announced for iOS and Android devices, Out later this December in Japan

    Developer UUUM has announced that a new Ao Oni mobile game will releasing in Japan later this December. Ao Oni is an horror escape game that will be free-to-play with in app purchases.

    A full title and full release date have yet to be given. Yet there is the ability to link the new game with the current Ao Oni Online mobile game. It has been revealed that if players are able to the clear the story in Ao Oni then they will be rewarded skins in Ao Oni Online! Players can also beat limited time missions in Ao Oni Online to unlock alternate stories in the new Ao Oni.

    Ao Oni will release on iOS and Android devices sometime this December in Japan.

    Stay tuned for more on Ao Oni at Final Weapon!

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