Dragon Ball FighterZ revealing new DLC character on December 20th, will release “around January”

    It was revealed in the Spanish Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship that the next DLC character for the game will be revealed on December 20th, 2020. This will be the 4th DLC character in Season 3 with only one more after it. Producer Tomoko Hiroki teased fans saying:

    “We know everyone is waiting for more information about the FighterZ Pass 3 remaining characters. We’ll make an announcement during Japan’s playoffs that will be held on December 20 and for the release, we plan to do it for the new year so around January. Please wait a little more.”

    The 3 previous characters that were added this season were Ultra Instinct Goku, Kefla, and Master Roshi. Many fans are still waiting for their favorite characters to be added such as Bulma and Raditz.

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