D3 Publisher has released new details for Maglam Lord! The game features weapon decoration and a “DG Gauge” during combat. Here are details courtesy of GoNintendo:

Action System – DG Gauge

– it can be filled slowly by landing normal attacks
– fill it faster by launching Devouring Cuts that trigger with charged attacks and combo enders
– when the DG Gauge is full, you can press the right stick to switch to Killizzark who temporarily regains full power

Weapon Decoration

– in addition to crafting weapons, you can also decorate them
– each weapon has a pre-determined amount of decoration slots
– the same weapon with a higher rarity level may have more available slots
– the four types of decorations are Attachment, Decal, Color Change, and Total Change
– the first type can be attached anywhere on the weapon, while the latter may change the weapon looks to something bizarre

Maglam Lord releases on March 18th for PS4 and Switch. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!