NIS America has released a new update for Assault Spy on Steam! This new update brings bug fixes and adjustments to the game. Here are the patch notes:

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Amelia’s “Shot” attack triggering by using other attack buttons
Fixed: Holding “Down” during Asaru’s umbrella attack would change to Rush Hour’s ASAP slash
– Changed to a thrusting attack using the Umbrella
Fixed: Character specific keybindings would not be taken into account when switching characters
– Character keybinding settings can be changed during their respective story line or after selecting that character in the title menu
Fixed: Gravity correction not working after character landing
Fixed: Amelia’s Comet Straight would not trigger while holding a Charge Shot
Fixed: Armor time did not increase while continuously blocking with Amelia


Adjusted: Reduced the chance Droneman will escape from players
Adjusted: Reduced number of traps in the “Underground” stage
Adjusted: Expanded the floor in some areas of the “Rooftop” stage

Balanced: Lowered armor amount for Proto Officer
Balanced: Lowered HP amount for Big Monitor Man
Balanced: ??? boss, amount of enemies spawned greatly decreased
Balanced: ??? boss, time limit increased, damage done to boss slightly decreased

Balanced Amelia: Comet Straight’s gravity
Balanced Amelia: Normal combo and “Star Combination” speed increased
Balanced Amelia: “Braver Outburst” fills more Special Gauge
Balanced Amelia: Decreased the armor time for “Braver” skills
Balanced Amelia: Dash and jump times were shortened after blocking
– Can now immediately cancel with dash when block is successful
Added: Highlight to the Special gauge
Added: During Amelia’s super state, enemy attacks will be nullified
Added: Amelia’s gun attacks can be cancelled with “Dash”
Added: Amelia’s block can be cancelled with “Dash” after a successful block

Added: Damage done accumulates during Overclock and releases when Overclock ends
Added: On/off option for outline effect in the “Quality” settings

Removed: Super armor for Coneman (no damage reaction)

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