X.D Network and HongCha Games has announced Far Away, a new mystery visual novel for Steam and smartphones! This visual novel features branching storylines and player decisions to affect each playthrough in a unique way. Here’s an overview from the Steam page and the announcement trailer:

Far Away is a stunning anime visual novel that offers branching storylines and dozens of choices. You play as Krosa Nonet, a bay worker in the old town of Bedjan who becomes wrapped up in the city’s underworld. With multiple storylines and dozens of options, each decision you make directly impacts on Krosa and the city. Find clues, explore different character perspectives and piece together the mysteries of Bedjan against the backdrop of a city filled with corruption.

Key Features

  • Stunning visuals from famed artists who created art for Arknights and Girls’ Frontline.

  • 500,000 words of text, 8 main storylines, and dozens of decisions to take.

  • The choices you make directly impact the story, its plot twists and outcomes.

  • Explore noir themes in the murky underworld of Bedjan, and take on corrupt officials.

  • An incredible and original soundtrack from Zris of Arknights fame.

New Trailer

Lastly, Far Away releases in 2021. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!