Remedy Entertainment has announced a brand new edition of Control, titled Control: Ultimate Edition. This edition contains all updates made to the game, as well as both expansions, The Foundation and AWE.

For the first time, Control will be available on Steam with the release of Control: Ultimate Edition, as its Epic Games exclusivity has come to an end this month. The game will launch on Steam on August 27th. Epic Games fans don’t fear though, as the Ultimate Edition will also launch on Epic Games Store on September 10th, alongside PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Remedy also detailed their upgrade path for Control as next gen consoles are just around the corner. Unfortunately, this is where previous Control owners will get frustrated. Remedy has announced that the free upgrade to PS5/Xbox Series X will only be available for owners of Control’s Ultimate Edition, the new version launching across all platforms within the next month. Previous owners of Control will not be eligible for the upgrade.