In a recent episode of Compile Heart TV, Compile Heart President Norihisa Kochiwa teases a PS5 project from the company. Check out the exchange below along with the show, courtesy of Gematsu:

Hitomi Isaka, Compile Heart Secret Agent: “Oh, oh, oh! President Kochiwa! There’s one last thing I want to go over!”

Norihisa Kochiwa, Compile Heart President: “Alright.”

Isaka: “Earlier this month, there was some PlayStation 5 news, wasn’t there?”

Kochiwa: “Right.”

Isaka: “I noticed that even Compile Heart’s official Twitter account retweeted that news, so is there some sort of project in the works?”

Kochiwa: “Huh… you’re really going in, aren’t you? (Laughs.) That’s quite the severe question.”

Isaka: “Oh, is it?”

Kochiwa: “There is a lot I want to say, but just this once I would like to keep it a secret.”

Isaka: “Whaaaaatt!!! But wait, hold on! Earlier when we came into the studio, I was wondering about this, but President Kochiwa, would you mind turning around for a second?”

Kochiwa: “Is there something there?”

Isaka: “Do you see this, everyone? The number ‘5’ is on his back. Is that not a statement that you’re joining in?”

Kochiwa: “Well, that’s… just a uniform number, you know?”

Isaka: “No, that’s not true! It’s not a uniform number! It’s a ‘5’!! 5, 5, 5, 5, it’s a 5! Everyone, it’s a 5!!”

Kochiwa: “Alright, that’s it for today’s Compile Heart TV!”

Isaka: “No! That’s not it!! Tell me! Tell me!!”

Kochiwa: “We’ll deliver the latest information on things like new hardware in the future! So please subscribe to the channel!”

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