There have been rumors swirling on the internet and on message boards that Microsoft was trying to buy Sega. Of course, this was immediately brushed off by people. Microsoft buying Sega would be ridiculous…..or maybe it wouldn’t? Now, I do not for a second believe these rumors are true, and highly doubt something like that would ever happen. 

That being said, though, while it’s doubtful it would happen. Microsoft buying a company like Sega wouldn’t be a ridiculous idea. I think such a move would benefit both companies. Let me explain.

When the Dreamcast was discontinued in 2001, and Sega became a software-only company, it was alleged at one point that Sega approached Microsoft into having the original Xbox console be compatible with Dreamcast titles. That never came to fruition, but many Sega games were released exclusively on Xbox for a few years as part of a deal with Microsoft. Furthermore, the Xbox had features such as Xbox Live, and a controller similar to the one the Dreamcast. Thus, it is why many Sega fans consider the original Xbox as some “spiritual successor” to the Dreamcast. 

Both companies have shown to have a great business relationship in the past, so that would be a significant advantage if they joined forces. First of all, buying Sega would give Microsoft an arsenal of franchises at their disposal. More importantly, though, it could give the Xbox brand some market share in Japan, and it could give Sony and even Nintendo some competition when it comes to first-party franchises and games.

But this would be beneficial for Sega too. For example, imagine having the entire Dreamcast library available on Xbox Live and Game Pass. That would give players major nostalgia vibes of the Dreamcast era, and introduce the games to newer players. 

It would also be a boon in the game development front. Like having the Xbox team help supervise a Sonic game and having the final product be great, and not just another mediocre 3D Sonic title. Sega would also have the ability to bring back older franchises like Skies of Arcadia and Nights and not have to worry about sales, as Microsoft’s resources and marketing would help sell the games.

Not all Sega’s franchises would be Xbox exclusives, however. Sega does own Atlus, and I could see Microsoft take a similar approach with developers such as Mojang and Double Fine, which are still releasing games of multiple platforms despite Microsoft owning them. That approach would mean future installments of Persona would still release on PlayStation consoles, as well as others.

Alas, all of these ideas are merely just a pipedream(cast). Still, it goes to show you that while Microsoft buying Sega will never happen, the concept itself isn’t far fetched at all and would work in both companies’ favor. 

Hi everyone! I'm the new guy here at Final Weapon. I am 23 years old and from Boston, MA. I play all the games, but my favorites would have to be JRPGs. Oh, and I'm also a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda.