Events in the Animal Crossing series isn’t anything new, but what Animal Crossing: New Horizons is doing, is something different. Having each new event come out as an update and to make them grander than ever. In a recent interview with CNET, Aya Kyogoku spoke about how they are approaching future updates. She mentions that they want to keep surprising players “in two years or three years down the road”.

Kyogoku’s full statement:

“…Animal Crossing is a game where you’re able to enjoy seasonal changes throughout the year, and it syncs with real time and through that you are able to basically sync your real life with the game. We want to make sure that in two years or three years down the road, players will still continue to find new surprises in the game. So we hope to create an update that you can do that with.”

It is crazy to see that they are planning so far into the future, but the more events the better! The Nature Day event just started and will end on May 4th. The May Day Tour, International Museum Day, and Wedding Season are the next events coming up!

For the whole interview with the developers click here!

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