Square Enix has released some new information ahead of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release this Friday! Check out all the details below about Shinra’s executive board, including Rufus Shinra:

Rufus Shinra

President Shinra’s son and the current Vice President of the Shinra Electric Power Company. He’s recently been away from Midgar on an extended business trip.

He is an immensely prideful man, with a strong rebellious streak towards his father. Despite being vice president, he sometimes enters the battlefield himself, armed with a custom-made shotgun and protected by Darkstar, a military canine.


The Director of Shinra’s Space and Aeronautics Division. Palmer is the eldest of the company’s executives but has no real power or influence – his division, originally founded with the latest technology at Shinra’s disposal, has all but folded since it failed to launch a rocket.

Because division activities have been suspended indefinitely, Palmer finds himself with lots of time on his hands. He’s fond of butter in his tea and chortles in a distinctive manner.


Shinra’s Director of Advanced Weaponry. During the war, her innovative, high-end armaments brought in a sizable chunk of change for the company.

Her wartime efforts, and the resulting profits, saw Scarlet quickly promoted to executive officer. She is highly capable, as one would expect from someone placed in charge of Shinra’s weapons development.

Kyrie Canaan

A girl from the Sector 5 slums who makes a living by pulling off scams on unsuspecting victims. Although fearless, she often finds herself in trouble.

Moogle Medals

A new item that didn’t appear in the original FINAL FANTASY VII. Moogle Medals can be found inside treasure boxes and Shinra Company crates – you’ll have to search high and low to get your hands on them.

There seems to be someone in Midgar who collects Moogle Medals – and if you have some, you may be rewarded…

Lastly, Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on April 10th for PS4. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!