Compile Heart has updated the VVVtunia official website with some new info! TKMK Flash and Step Charm are introduced in this action RPG spinoff, check out the details below courtesy of Gematsu:

Battle (as one of the Four Goddesses): 

The Four Goddesses have the power to purify the hearts of Anti enemies. By maxing out the Purify Gauge, TKMK Flash may be activated. TKMK Flash allows players to deal heavy damage, knock back powerful attacks and even knock down enemies.

Battle (as one of the Virtual Idols)

Virtual Idols may perform a Step Charm with a correctly timed dodge action, granting infinite MP to the play for a period of time. Deal heavy damage by unleashing as many skills as you can while Step Charm is active.

VVVtunia releases on July 2nd for PS4 in Japan. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!

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