This year, Final Weapon had the chance to go and cover the Japanese Arcade and Amusement Expo in Chiba, Japan to see all of the newest arcade games being released onto the market in 2020 and beyond.
As with every year at JAEPO, most of the news comes from 4 or 5 major companies. This article will be covering news from Marvelous’s booth at JAEPO.

Marvelous was really showing off one major game this year, that being their new music game Wacca, a collaborative effort with the doujin hardcore label “Hardcore Tano*C”

Marvelous did announce a collaboration with Virtual Youtuber group HoloLive in a new event which will add in 3 new songs and some new profile portraits which are unlocked through the level up system. More new songs were also announced for future updates.

I had a chance to quickly talk to Marvelous at the booth and ask them a few questions surrounding the Wacca S update, specifically if it would be coming overseas. To that Marvelous confirmed that cabinets in America will be getting the Wacca S update. They also stated that at some point in the future they do want to try and release Wacca in even more countries but as of right now they are focused on building up the games content and support.

That wraps up the last of the announcements for JAEPO 2020. Stay tuned to Final Weapon for more Japanese gaming news and we hope to come to you next year with JAEPO 2021.