It seems that the not so secret Resident Evil 8 has had details leaked. Leaker AestheticGamer1 is saying that Resident Evil 8 will have Resident Evil 7s main character Ethan coming back. It will also have Zombies returning to the series, a new type of stalker like enemy. Werewolves will be introduced in some sort of fashion. Most likely as an enemy. Then the return of Resident Evil veteran, Chris Redfield. Chris wouldn’t be too much of a surprise as he did make a cameo in Resident Evil 7. Finally the last detail AestheticGamer1 mentioned was that Resident Evil 8 will be first person like Resident Evil 7 was. Eurogamer has also come out and said sources close to Capcom have said that it will be first person as well.

With Resident Evil 3 Remake going over the shoulder like Resident Evil 2 Remake, it makes sense for the next mainline game to try and differentiate itself from the remakes. Exciting stuff is happening over at Capcom, so hopefully we get to see Resident Evil 8 very soon!

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