Yoshinori Ono Acknowledges Street Fighter V Netcode Mod

    It has been a bizarre week for Street Fighter V and its Online. Earlier this week Reddit user Altimor posted a fix for Street Fighter V’s Online Play. In the past it has been one of the worst fighters to play online. This mod soon jumped in popularity and players started to download it right away. Surprisingly this only took Altimor two days to fix! Now this begs the question. Why hasn’t Capcom in 4 years that Street Fighter V has been out ever tried to fix the online?

    Well it may seem that they finally acknowledged the problem. Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono today on twitter said

    “I’ve already grasped the situation.”

    This could mean one of two things. The first being that he sees that players want the online fixed, and understands how to fix it. The second meaning, being that he knows of the mod and will to action against it. This mod only works for PC players and not Playstation 4 players, so Capcom or Playstation might have a problem with that.

    This mod made a lot of people happy and excited to play Street Fighter V online again, so hopefully Capcom realizes that and finally fixes it!

    Stay tuned for more on Street Fighter V at Final Weapon!

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