Razer Junglecat Announced; And it Definitely Does Not Look Like the Switch

    Hardware and accessory manufacturer Razer announced its latest new product today called the Razer Junglecat. The company broke the news on twitter.

    The Junglecat is a controller add-on for your smartphone. By attaching to your phone or tablet it turns your device into a dedicated portable gaming device.

    However, shortly after announcing the product, people on Twitter immediately mocked Razer for making the controller look like the Nintendo Switch, with Razer themselves joining in on the fun.

    Keep in mind that the controller will only support Android devices that can output video. So it won’t work with iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad. Razer did confirm, however, that it is compatible with televisions and computer monitors. Razer also stated that the controller’s battery can last about 100 hours on a full charge.

    The Swi–I mean Junglecat is officially available to purchase right now for $99.99 via Razer’s official online store.

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