The Outer Worlds was announced for Switch a few months ago and released for PS4, Xbox One and PC last week. It’s been critically acclaimed across the board and in 2020, the game will hit Nintendo’s highly successful hybrid platform. Co-game director Leonard Bayorsky talked about the Switch port with USGamer, elaborating on the team’s surprise about the project.

Bayorsky was “very, very surprised” about the project coming to Switch and working on the platform as well. At first, the team at Obsidian were unsure it could work on Switch. The team started to see many games reach the platform and were pleased when their own game was compatible with the Switch. Here’s the excerpt from USGamer:

“I don’t remember who first came up with that,” Boyarsky tells USgamer in the episode. “It was external to the team. We weren’t sure it could be done. But then they started coming out with all these games on Nintendo Switch, and we thought, ‘Wow, that’s great.’ And then we saw the proof of concept from the external team who was doing it and we were very, very surprised.”

Lastly, Virtuos is partnered with Obsidian for The Outer Worlds port for Switch. The Switch version of The Outer Worlds releases in 2020. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for more of the latest Nintendo Switch news!