New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Blesses Us with Fat Pikachu

    Nintendo and the Pokemon Company dropped a new trailer today for their upcoming Pokemon titles, Pokemon Sword & Shield. The trailer shows off a handful of Generation 1 type Pokemon that will be playable in both games, such as Pikachu, Charizard, and Meowth. The trailer also debuts the new Gigantamax forms for the first time. The trailer below demonstrates the Gigantamax forms in action:
    It is also quite humorous to see Pikachu’s Gigantamax form. In the trailer, Pikachu brings back his classic look from the Pokemon Red & Blue era of the franchise. A.K.A. Fat Pikachu. And because we live in the best timeline, the internet has already made plenty of memes from it.
    Pokemon Sword and Shield will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 15th. They will be the first entry of the franchise’s eighth generation of Pokemon. And the first mainline series of games for the Switch.
    Oh, and bless Fat Pikachu forever.



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