Bandai Namco had developer talks at CEDEC 2019 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. During the convention, Bandai Namco detailed how compression of the massive game worked through stages. The game started from 61.5 GB in raw data, nearly double that of the Switch’s internal storage (32 GB). Here’s a breakdown of the data from each stage:

  • Raw Data – 61.5 GB
    • Resources: 42 GB
    • BGM: 17.6 GB
    • Other data: roughly 1.5 GB
  • Development ROM Size – 21.5 GB
    • Resources: 14.6 GB
    • BGM: 5 GB
    • Other data: 1.5 GB
  • Final ROM Size – 15 GB
    • Resources: 11.2 GB
    • BGM: 1.2 GB
    • Other data: 1.5 GB

Bandai Namco also detailed what made up the 15 GB of the final ROM size when Smash Ultimate releases.

  • Fighters: 5.5 GB
  • Stages: 3 GB
  • User Interface: 2 GB
  • Voice: 1 GB
  • BGM: 1.2 GB for over 900 songs
  • Video: 1 GB
  • Other data: roughly 1.5 GB

For a full breakdown and information from the Bandai Namco’s Smash Ultimate developer talks, visit here. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for more of the latest in Nintendo Switch related news!

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