PSA: Buying the Fire Emblem: Three Houses season pass will make your game crash upon opening

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a game with very positive critical reception and debatably the best in the series, seems to have quite the issue right now.

    Twitter user @a_nice_igloo has posted a video of what seems to be a nasty game breaking bug, shown below:

    As of now, if you don’t already own it and go and buy the season pass, your game will brick itself and become unplayable. Nintendo is allegedly aware of the issue and working on a fix. Hopefully no save files will be corrupted in the process!

    Any users that have already purchased the season pass prior to today (confirmed as late as yesterday, Sept 6) are fine. I got mine on launch day and have been playing the game today.

    As it stands, DO NOT BUY THE SEASON PASS UNTIL A FIX IS CONFIRMED. This will make certain your game save is uncorrupted and will save you a lot of potential hassle in the coming days.

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