Hideki Kamiya seems to be pleased with the sales of ASTRAL CHAIN so far

    Hideki Kamiya recently answered a fan’s question on Twitter, with them asking if he was pleased with how ASTRAL CHAIN sold. Hideki Kamiya replied:

    NintendoSoup translated the tweet, with it saying:

    “I haven’t seen the Famitsu sales charts yet, but from what I know as (PlatinumGames), it’s good (that it is selling great).”

    It’s great to see that Kamiya is pleased with the sales, and is a good sign for fans of the brand new game. Last week, we reported on another remark that Kamiya made, this time talking to fans wanting to see ASTRAL CHAIN on PS4. For more on ASTRAL CHAIN, check it out right here! Also, stay tuned for our ASTRAL CHAIN review!

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