Dragon Quest Builders director Nino Kazuya, is leaving Square Enix, express desire to work with Yoko Taro in the future.

    Game development is a constantly evolving environment, game developers leaving studios in pursuit of new inspirations is not unseen, in this case, Dragon Quest Builders 2’s director, Nino Kazuya is concerned.

    He stated in a series of tweets,

    “With the end of Builders 2 development, I retired from Square Enix. I would like to thank Yoshida-san, Fujino-san, Shiraishi-san, all of my colleagues, and everyone who enjoyed the games I made! First of all, thank you.
    I have been at Squeni for 7 years (the longest time I have ever lived!). I felt a little burned out with Builders 2 and wanted to try to develop a cycle different from Sukueni, so I decided to leave for a new development environment.
    I’ve already decided what to do, and I’d like to talk about it again next week. I would like to do my best game, so please look forward to it.
    In addition, I am still planning to watch over Builders 2, and will continue to work with Sukueni as an external staff. (There is no DLC or update …!) I’d like to speak a little bit, so please look forward to it.
    Speaking of Builders, I received a lot of guidance from Mr. Horii and was able to study really well. I will cherish this experience and use it for future game development.”
    He then replied to Yoko Taro‘s tweet by adding,
    “Thank you! I look forward to working with you. Let’s talk again!”
    So, are you excited about the future? What type of games do you expect from Kazuya-san?
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