TY the Tasmanian Tiger for Switch surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 by a wide margin! The Kickstarter campaign is currently $96,787 funded. With this success, Krome Studios has added a PS4 and Xbox One stretch goal for the campaign. If its fully funded at $150,000, TY the Tasmanian Tiger will receive PS4 and Xbox One versions. Here’s the update and overview of the game from the Kickstarter page:

UPDATE: STRETCH GOAL for PS4 and Xbox One added! All backers who have backed at a tier previously marked as receiving a game key for the Switch, will be able to select their platform of choice post campaign, if we meet the stretch goal!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger is Krome Studios’ charming Australiana-themed videogame that debuted in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube, the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. Krome Studios was a finalist of the Australian Game Developer Association annual awards with Best Handheld Game, Best Game Audio, and for Outstanding Visual Arts. We’re chuffed that TY the Tasmanian Tiger won Best Character Design, and that millions of people fell in love with the game and its characters too.

Features included in the funded Switch version:

  • Joycon 6-axis motion control for throwing the rangs, gliding and precision boomeranging!

  • Screen-space ambient occlusion

  • Fully dynamic shadows

  • Color correction and bloom

  • High definition (HD) art textures for the levels and characters

  • Improved particle effects

  • Improved camera

  • New Gamemode called “Hardcore Mode”

  • QA testing and problem fixing

  • Nintendo Lot Check

  • New TY character skins (a stretch goal feature)

  • Compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite*  (*requires extra controllers to be able to use the TY motion controls.  i.e. throwing and gliding.)