EZ2ON, a PC spin off of Korean arcade game EZ2AC, set to be rebooted in 2020 with Steam release.

    In a surprise announcement, the PC spin off of arcade rhythm game series EZ2AC is getting rebooted with a full steam release.

    NeoNovice CEO Kyung Soo Jeon announced that the studio has acquired the rights to EZ2ON and is planning to reboot the game with a full steam release in early 2020.

    The title is being developed internally by NeoNovice who are also acting as the IP holder.

    The studio is apparently also considering collaborating with other rhythm games for song crossovers.

    At the time of writing this marks the fourth time EZ2ON has been rebooted after its initial release in 2008. EZ2ON’s arcade counterpart, EZ2AC, just released its 15th entry earlier this year titled “EZ2AC: Final”


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